Credit reviews are usually done by creditors or persons giving a borrower with credit services. The information that is used in a credit review is generally based on an inquiry which does not affect the credit score of the borrower.

To make sure that the credit product's standards are met, creditors perform regular credit reviews on the account of a borrower. Credit reviews are also known as the account review inquiries or the account monitoring. Usually, the information is attained from a soft inquiry if an account review is done by a lender.
Creditors often request that a borrower should provide personal information which must be updated, along with a credit review. Once the credit review is completed, the lenders will give a borrower a credit limit increase. Usually, there would be a review of the borrower's account for every 6 to 12 months which is done by the lenders to offer an increase in the credit limit. If the borrower has a great payment history, there is a great possibility that credit limit will be increased in the process. A lot of lenders usually increase the credit limit of their borrowers as a reward for having an excellent payment history. 

There are also credit counseling services options that a borrower can avail. These options differ depending on the situation of the borrower. It usually needs a credit review for providing a good advice. These credit counseling services are available to advise borrowers of different situation on credit consolidation, credit products and credit settlement. There are also available settlement companies and personal credit lawyers to support debt settlement.

Borrowers can settle their debts through profit settlement companies or credit lawyers. They will have a thorough credit review of your profile to give you the best services they can give to settle debts. The settlement companies will be the ones to review the open accounts of the borrower in a credit review to determine the best way to settle the debts. Usually, the settlement companies would request a borrower to stop paying on their debts so that the negotiating power will be increased. They can make settlement by reducing the amount paid monthly. Troubled borrowers can also go to a credit lawyer. They will advise a borrower to file for bankruptcy. These lawyers are working in behalf of the borrower and undergo court proceedings so that there will be a release of the borrower's debt. Read more now on credit review here;
Importance of Credit Reviews